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Letterpress is used to produce fine, handmade wedding invitations, business stationery, cards and various other products. It also allows the use of a far wider range of papers including the best quality materials of varying thicknesses.


The letterpress can also be used for die-cutting, using a bespoke die-cutter to produce further interesting end results for folding business cards, presentation booklets and folders by creating a unique edge design or cut out a portion of the centre of the paper or card to see through the cover. Die-cutting also opens up another method of creating unique end results by using cut-out shapes to make the printing really standout and look unique, offering a wide array of shapes and sizes which includes hangers and boxes.


The letterpress machine is also used for embossing which can add a new look to any stationery. More information on this can be found on the Embossing page.

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