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Embossing requires a secondary printing run and the production of a male and female dye which then has pressure applied onto the paper or card to produce an embossed text or logo into the paper. This can either be to fit an image or be pushed into the paper or card with no printed text to produce a beautiful and subtle ghosted image that adds a touch of quality to any printing, this is called blind embossing.



Thermographic printing is a 20th Century solution to produce embossed lettering or images in print without the need to utilise a male and female dye to push the image through from the reverse. The end result is similar to embossing but without the cost or delay of having bespoke dyes created. With powder polymers adhering to the wet ink, it passes through a radiant heating system whereby the polymer melts to create a subtle raised effect to the text or image required. It is commonly used on wedding invitations, letterheads and business cards and can be used in conjunction with letterpress printing to produce stunning results. 

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